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Amber Heard’s Red Carpet Look Is One We Can Actually Wear

Amber Heard went for low-key elegance at the premiere of Two Days, One Night in Cannes yesterday, proving that red carpet dressing can work away from glamorous movie events.

Unlike Cheryl Cole, who opted for real hi-octane glamour in a dress that would look ridiculous anywhere other than the Cannes red carpet, Ms Heard chose a look that could easily translate into real life.

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    celebrities have millions of followers but tweet a load of shit n here i am havin lit tweets n only on 3K this is so unfair i hate my life
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    @ibnlive Salman should have been in jail.Our courts lenient on celebrities but harsh on the poor and ordinary.
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    @vrindaprasad @Siva_Karti_FC @Siva_Kartikeyan That's a good initiative but medias should not highlight celebrities…
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