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Autopsy: The Last Hours of Whitney Houston


    Female celebrities can like photos of Justin & no one talks about it but when Hailey likes photos of Justin it made national headlines
  • David Lopez
    The anti trump celebrities are mad at trump because they got fired on the apprentice.
  • HEAVY T 🇺🇸
    RT @ScottErnst0331: Still waiting for celebrities to disavow #KatieRich for #Cyberbullying 10-Year-Old #BarronTrump. Waiting, waiting, . .…
  • jay
    @ryan_sling @ForQ2 and he had celebrities lining up for his inauguration while trump was begging people to perform lmao
  • Robert Malit
    RT @YoungDems4Trump: A message from @KrisParonto to the celebrities who have hijacked pop culture and politicized it. #WomensMarch https://…
  • JvelsaQ
    RT @JOEROWE409: These celebrities did not vote for Trump because they say he degraded the image of Women in society.
  • angel auvelaon
    @AdrianneCurry @realDonaldTrump Celebrities created by Edward Bernays as societal manipulators 1st idol was Caruso
  • Sandra Lewis
    RT @ScottErnst0331: Still waiting for celebrities to disavow #KatieRich for #Cyberbullying 10-Year-Old #BarronTrump. Waiting, waiting, . .…
  • Steve Godfresن
    RT @patrickmadrid: Some celebrities just lack the ability to laugh at themselves. That's where I come in.
  • LilyWhite
    RT @USA_Gunslinger: John Hinckley, Jr. shot Reagan to impress Jodie Foster. When celebrities use social to threaten our country, people lik…
  • Marco ahumada
    RT @Coach: Who wore it best? #RexyTheCoachDino cc @peoplestyle
  • bec
    RT @halsey: @akaMARTIAN @ByeAshy I'm paying this out of my pocket. What authority do you have to speak on celebrities and charitable donati…
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    #celebrity #gossip #celebrities #kim Exercise of the Month: Dumbbell Flyes–30° Incline Dumbbell Fly – Supinated...
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