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Cute Overload! Shakira’s Son Steals Show at World Cup


  • PJ
    RT @Bee30758370: @AnnCoulter and Kimmel calling Trump a racist and some celebrities wearing blue ribbons...this is why I am BOYCOTTING OSCA…
  • WES
    RT @BarstoolBigCat: So the rich celebrities who have it all in life now get Candy falling from the ceiling?!?!
  • Homeless
    Mahershala Ali Scores His First Oscar for 'Moonlight'
  • ®
    [BOT] Oscars 2017 Red Carpet: See the Stylish Celebrities
  • Jane Baldino
    RT @The_Trump_Train: ill-informed, overpaid, liberal celebrities will lecture America on how bad Trump is. This is why the MSM & Hollywood…
  • naomi
    how do i get a job as the person who escorts celebrities offstage at the oscars
  • USA777
    RT @charliekirk11: I can't wait to see ill-informed, overpaid, liberal celebrities to bitterly tell America how bad Trump is. #Oscars
  • Jared
    RT @benshapiro: Yes ask the uber wealthy celebrities about equal pay
  • 🇮🇱 WD 🇺🇸
    Watching paint dry is #simplymoreinteresting than watching celebrities use politics to keep their careers afloat…
  • Marsha Frankel
    RT @JoeNYLaw: Where are all the Syrian refugees in the audience who undoubtedly will be going home with The Hollywood celebrities? #Oscars
  • Joseph Fitzsimons
    RT @brittny_mejia: Newest chant out here by #Trump supporters: "Celebrities don't speak for us."
  • R & A Production
    RT @NeginFarsad: Celebrities getting free candy? COME ON! They should pay $5 at a movie for them shits like real Americans! #Oscars
  • Greg Isaacs
    Here we go again... Don't give a damn about celebrities politics regardless of ideology. Shut up please...,
  • Claudia Prindle
    RT @al_loveschiavo: Celebrities eat candy too?! My gosh can these people get any more relateable?!?
  • 🦅TheGatorGamer🇺🇸
    The Oscars Where a bunch of vapid celebrities get paid to wear $1,000 dresses and circlejerk about how it's actually Trump ruining America.