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Hear Amber Valletta’s Shocking Revelation


  • Sumit Sandal Bairwa
    RT @StuteeMishra: In US, celebs heading marches against the president. In India, Celebrities mocking a 20 year old just to be called nation…
  • Jun Has
    RT @ELLEmagazine: Inside the Chanel Pre-Oscar Dinner
  • J. Kay
    RT @RobbySlowik: Are we making any gains on income inequality, he asked himself while watching candy raining down on celebrities from the h…
  • rhktuhin
    Of the top 10 celebrities voted by millennial, half are YouTubers. 🎉👹🌴🚣 #socialselling
  • DeeDeeTx1953
    RT @JoshOlds: Before you get up in arms about celebrities being political at #Oscars2017 remember we elected a celebrity as President.
  • Roman Sierra
    #ParkCity, Utah is home to the #Sundance Film Festival where 50K celebrities, moviemakers, and film enthusiasts vis…
  • Ryan Michael
    RT @BarstoolBigCat: So the rich celebrities who have it all in life now get Candy falling from the ceiling?!?!
  • ⚪️🔵 jimmy liu kang
    RT @queenapatra: lol why do y'all go so hard for celebrities that don't even care to know you...
  • Millennial Comedian
    Get you a man that looks at you the way celebrities look at the nerds that win the sound awards
  • Peyton Lopapa
    RT @MattWalshBlog: Reminder to celebrities at the Oscars tonight: literally nobody cares what you think about politics
  • justine
    RT @BuzzFeedNews: 15 celebrities who really loved Justin Timberlake’s performance at the #Oscars
  • Eric Reichert
  • Mere💕
    RT @calvialy: If y'all don't stop comparing My God to these overrated celebrities who did nothing to save me or this world
  • Tomas Friedhoff
    @deppisch Just as interesting, is mainstream-media reporting on what's buzzing around @morgan_freeman @TeslaMotors ?
  • E Pluribus Unum
    RT @charliekirk11: I can't wait to see ill-informed, overpaid, liberal celebrities to bitterly tell America how bad Trump is. #Oscars