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Karl Lagerfeld’s cat Choupette isn’t a party animal

The designer’s feline companion was flown by private jet all the way to New York for a bash – but chose to stay in her hotel room.

To New York, where there is more news of Choupette, the cat companion of self-satirising designer Karl Lagerfeld.

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    99.999% of celebrities are awful. the .001% is chrissy teigen.
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    53 black celebrities share how Obama influenced TV, movies, and music
    god bless celebrities and people with high power who actually put their fame to use and talk about real problems
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    @joss Hey, man...I don't often write directly to celebrities of your ilk. But don't you think NOW might be the perfect time for new Buffy?
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    53 black celebrities share how Obama influenced TV, movies, and music
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