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Mark Wahlberg’s Shirtless Looks


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    There's a reason so many celebrities flock to this vacation spot.
  • Swaminath Rajakumar
    For the first time in history, celebrities are shedding their celeb status and trying to protest amongst the common man! #Marinaprotest
  • Gyurász Zoltán
    RT @piersmorgan: I'm also opening a new clinic, Trump Tantrums Anonymous, for demented Donald-haters. No fee for celebrities because they…
    RT @surfermom77: When celebrities become irrelevant 2Hollywood industry &can no longer act on the stage, they start acting on the street wt…
  • Yigal Rechtman
    RT @HuffingtonPost: Jane Fonda says celebrities must still speak out against "predator-in-chief" Trump…
  • Suzanne Marks
    Jane Fonda: Celebrities Must Still Speak Out Against 'Predator-In-Chief' Trump
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    RT @THR: .@Rihanna on #InaugurationDay: "Worst breakup ever" | More celebrities take to Twitter following Trump's swearing-in
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    RT @MTVteenwolf: hey @totallymorgan! don't you know you can't put celebrities in jail? let @shelleyhennig OUT! 😫
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    RT @NBCNews: Celebrities rally outside Trump Tower for inauguration eve anti-Trump demonstration
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    David Beckham aids elderly woman who collapsed in the street
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    Allison Williams #mobile #wallpaper #iPhone6 #allisonwilliams
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    Celebrities Who Died Right In Front Of Their Fans >
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    RT @TheFanClub_: Hey guys.. It's me "Shifa" Follow @TheFanClub_ of the cute celebrities :) Armaan,Himansh Kohli,Manoj Sir,Rupali,Shirley..…
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    Jane Fonda says celebrities must still speak out against "predator-in-chief" Trump via @HuffPostComedy