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McCarthy, Falcone Bring ‘Tammy’ to LA


  • Siva
    RT @Ck_Mohammed: All celebrities sitting at home and tweeting, I condemn this & that, main cause of problems will be you all provoking the…
  • alyssa :*
    RT @IetarianaIive: But all these other celebrities can go & not have any problems? People are going to support their country, not get a pic…
  • Marvel Set Crew
    @evanrachelwood The president of the United States 🇺🇸 won't have to work too hard to shatter these sorry excuse for celebrities
  • Diva
    @odshek @Akshit999944444 and which celebrities who keep changing there answers every season no thanks such praise can go to hell
  • kaylene gerster
    RT @limelite001: Dear Celebrities: We don't care: what your opinion is; what you ate today; or how much you dislike Trump. Get it? Regard…
  • m. a. miller 🇺🇸✝️
    RT @tamaraleighllc: Shld celebrities/public figures like @Madonna be held more accountable 4threatening speech? Yes, bc of their influence.…
  • Rod Serling
    RT @messiahcomplex: Are Celebrities Even Human? - 8-Bit Philosophy via @Serlingism
  • سلمي
    @BradTheLadLong @Harry_Styles dude you insult celebrities to get famous you should grow up 😂😂
  • ☆★MAGIC.GIRL★☆
    RT @crazyforLalisax: LISA ranked at #10 for I-MAGAZINE FASHION FACE AWARD 2016. Ranks alongside the most famous Korean Celebrities. LIT! #B
  • GoHome ToMommy
    RT @GrabienMedia: VIDEO - @KellyannePolls Conway: ‘Forgotten Celebrities’ Came to D.C. to ‘Deliver Really Negative Messages’