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Miley Cyrus’ Avril Lavigne April Fool’s Joke


  • 💫🌠🌟⭐(ⓣⓐⓛⓐⓢⓗⓔⓐⓡⓣ)
    RT @JAYESTAGRAM: Rule No. 1 Celebrities can wear sexy outfits, except for Nadine.
  • Crab Countess
    RT @WilkowMajority: Be honest this whole #WomensMarch thing is an excuse for guilt ridden female celebrities to pal around with a catch-all…
    RT @Independent_ie: Celebrities set to join women's march after Donald Trump inauguration
  • Igor Janićijević
    RT @piersmorgan: I'm also opening a new clinic, Trump Tantrums Anonymous, for demented Donald-haters. No fee for celebrities because they…
  • Bebe~~O
    RT @USATODAY: Beyonce, America Ferrera and Janelle Monae are just a few of the big names joining the Women's March on Washington. https://t…
  • Lala 36NG
    RT @Oddy4real: If elections were won on Twitter or by d number of RTs celebrities and journalists get bashing a candidate,Trump wld be at T…
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    Celebrities Body Fat Pictures and Percentages
  • சரவணன்
    10 Smoking HOT Female Celebrities with the BIGGEST ASSets in the GAME! by #iamrajnikanta via @c0nvey
  • b(itch)ea
    Female celebrities are females, regardless of their fame. They have the right to match.
  • jex
    Rule No. 1 Celebrities can wear sexy outfits, except for Nadine.
  • Pink Freud
    Jane Fonda: Celebrities Must Still Speak Out Against 'Predator-In-Chief' Trump
  • Cindy Lundquist's
    RT @ananavarro: Trump inaugural address widely panned; crowds 1/3 of Obama's; no A-list celebrities; anarchists burning stuff. Other than t…
  • Aurora Cardella
    RT @CBSLA: As many as 150,000 (including 60 celebrities) expected at Women's March-Los Angeles on Saturday
  • Business Track Daily
    Remember when brands only endorsed famous celebrities and athletes? Wait a minute! They still do…
  • Kitty✨
    RT @Markk1872: Some cunts actual hink their celebrities on here 😂