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Olivia Wilde Shares the Moving Inspiration Behind Her Company

Actress and activist Olivia Wilde penned a thoughtful piece on her experience in Haiti, sharing the mission of her company, Conscious Commerce, in the Spring issue of Darling Magazine. With an emphasis on shopping with a conscience, Olivia and Barbara Burchfield started the company to highlight ethically run businesses and locally run brands, selecting products for customers to buy so that they could spend money for a good cause. In the article, Olivia explains, “Rather than beg people to donate the change left over after a Christmas shopping spree, we wondered how impactful it would be to divert some of the cash they were already spending toward carefully vetted nonprofits.” Along with shopping links, the Conscious Commerce site also features people who are making a positive impact. The inspiration for their work? An eye-opening experience in Haiti, according to Olivia:

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