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Rita Ora for Belvedere Vodka
Rita Ora Shows Us More Than We Bargained For In Fishnet Moschino

She might be known for her edgy fashion sense but Rita Ora’s latest sheer look has just outdone all of her previous offbeat ensembles, hands down.

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David And Victoria Beckham Out-Dress Everyone At Wimbledon Final

Ok, so it might have been the tennis match of the season but our eyes were firmly fixed on David and Victoria as they took on the last day of […]


Selena Gomez gets Arabic phrase tattooed on her back that translates to ‘Love Yourself First’

Selena Gomez is jumping on the tattoo bandwagon, getting a tattoo from celebrity tattoo artist Bang Bang McCurdy about a month ago. McCurdy is now spilling the details, explaining it’s […]


Get Style Icon Keira Knightley’s Winter Fashion Look In Pittsburgh

Actress Keira Knightley continues to inspire stylish, fashion-forward fans around the globe. Whether she’s wearing glamorous red carpet gowns or effortless casual ensembles, she manages to look pulled together. You […]

Check out his 'tache: Justin Bieber and fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto at New York fashion week.

Justin Bieber’s moustache: three days that shook the world

It was short-lived and, frankly, barely noticeable, but it still managed to touch so very many lives. What a shame it had to go.


Prince Harry visits a Devon pub…and then offers to buy it

Everyone loves a good pub, and so does Prince Harry, it turns out. Except he liked one Devon pub so much he went and OFFERED TO BUY IT. On the spot, […]



  • Donald J Trump
    @POTUS no A-List celebrities😂😂😂😂
  • Daiquiri Zachary
    RT @USATODAY: Beyonce, America Ferrera and Janelle Monae are just a few of the big names joining the Women's March on Washington. https://t…
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    RT @piersmorgan: I'm also opening a new clinic, Trump Tantrums Anonymous, for demented Donald-haters. No fee for celebrities because they…
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    While we are on "privilege", which airport are all the female celebrities landing their private jets and where are…
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    RT @Wordsmith: We look at celebrities as role models, but in my opinion the role models are the parents grinding each day to provide for th…
  • p
    RT @ananavarro: Trump inaugural address widely panned; crowds 1/3 of Obama's; no A-list celebrities; anarchists burning stuff. Other than t…
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    Trump Won. Are Those liberal Celebrities Still Leaving? via @YouTube
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    There's a reason so many celebrities flock to this vacation spot.
  • Swaminath Rajakumar
    For the first time in history, celebrities are shedding their celeb status and trying to protest amongst the common man! #Marinaprotest
  • Gyurász Zoltán
    RT @piersmorgan: I'm also opening a new clinic, Trump Tantrums Anonymous, for demented Donald-haters. No fee for celebrities because they…
    RT @surfermom77: When celebrities become irrelevant 2Hollywood industry &can no longer act on the stage, they start acting on the street wt…
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    RT @HuffingtonPost: Jane Fonda says celebrities must still speak out against "predator-in-chief" Trump…
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    Jane Fonda: Celebrities Must Still Speak Out Against 'Predator-In-Chief' Trump
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    RT @THR: .@Rihanna on #InaugurationDay: "Worst breakup ever" | More celebrities take to Twitter following Trump's swearing-in
  • Karla
    RT @MTVteenwolf: hey @totallymorgan! don't you know you can't put celebrities in jail? let @shelleyhennig OUT! 😫