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Exclusive: Get a First Look at Emmy Rossum as a Guest Judge on Top Chef Boston

The Top Chef Boston contestants are thrown for a serious loop in Wednesday night’s episode when guest judge Emmy Rossum joins the panel.

The Shameless actress sits down to dine with this season’s judges — former Top Chef winner Richard Blais, Padma Lakshmi and Tom Colicchio — for the elimination challenge, which requires chefs to work in teams to write and create a three-course Italian menu in Top Chef Masters alum Michael Schlow’s restaurant Via Matta.

The chefs have planned an assortment of dishes including scallops, salad and, of course, pasta, but — wait for it — Rossum is a gluten-free eater.

When Lakshmi adds that this will be a “good test for the chefs,” Rossum confesses she feels bad, since they are required to do a pasta course.



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