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  • Oscar Masemola
    RT @BET: .@SpikeLee literally cancelled @ChrisetteM because she's performing at the inauguration
  • Newsline
    ‘100 Days of Resistance’ Outside Trump Tower Attended by A-list Celebrities and Thousands…
  • Rishabh Bhandari
    Liberals care a lot about celebrities. One friend—a journalist!—told me she thought his friendship with rappers was…
  • HighinLove316
    #YoureHired the celebrities are the stars in the audience who shine 4 God who walk in peace. Who understand obama led the naive to anger
  • Mas Recomendad@s
    I will miss them immensely #Celebrities #Famosos #celebrità
  • Janene
    @FoxNews @IAmSteveHarvey @realDonaldTrump He will do anything to be seen with celebrities. 37% approval. I bet it will be around 10 yet.
    Stunning Photos of Bra-Less Celebrities Flashing Some Serious Side Boob
  • Megan Gepp
    RT @IngrahamAngle: This concert is abt the future & the country. Not celebrities. GOOD.
  • Tshiab Nra
    RT @Koreaboo: Celebrities share new photos of Kim Tae Hee and Rain's wedding ceremony ➜ Check Out All The Photos: h…
  • Shehanaz RaviAnnaFan
    RT @Manivj07: Youngsters & ppl who raise Voice for gud cause r d real Celebrities & its gud that v started giving priorities to them👏 #unit
  • Michael Jackson
    "Celebrities are visual commodities that are packaged and distributed by the massive media corporations."
  • Rick Balster
    RT @patsajak: I wonder if the celebrities who moved out of the country will return for the demonstrations?
  • Lifelink
    Celebrities aren't immune to mental health issues. Here's 25 famous women commenting on their experiences.