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  • Rhonda
    RT @ComplexMusic: Rihanna joined in on #WomensMarch in NYC:
  • Mae PiaseckiI
    You Won't Belive These Pair Of Celebrities Are At The Same Age. ..
  • Sundar Ganapathy
    Protestors. Listen to the celebrities who talk sense and facts and are calm. Not the guys who just instigate Ur...
  • ARE
    RT @kamaljii: Matured & Successful people know when to support and when to withdraw. Celebrities Misused Youngsters
  • Vhahangwele
    People love their celebrities man.
  • Mispah Asamoah
    RT @ELLEmagazine: Taylor Swift Finally Gets Political After the Women's March
  • Makoya Bearings
    RT @Mgeepa: Not often you hear stories of celebrities random acts of kindness, it's a good start to a Monday #DuncanGivesBack
  • Bethany McClellan
    RT @Insidelooktvmag: It's #Sundance2017 week w #JohnLegend #TabooNawasha and other #celebrities. #redcarpet #sundance #iltvmag #sundancefil
  • Lynn Ann
    Did all federal employees who threatened to quit when Trump took office - did they quit? Or are they useless like celebrities who no leave?
  • Gavin Hoole
    RT @tamaraleighllc: Shld celebrities/public figures like @Madonna be held more accountable 4threatening speech? Yes, bc of their influence.…