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  • DutchmanAZ
    RT @USMCcmbtvet: Should celebrities shut their whining mouths and stop complaining about politics?
  • Donna
    RT @IndeCardio: @PrisonPlanet Hollywood and 'celebrities' are byproducts of the Obama administration that must be cleaned up! Sessions and…
  • thay
    RT @HelloCanada: Allies to the cause: @johnlegend & @JamesFrancoTV were among the celebs who took to the streets for the #WomensMarch https…
  • James Farney
    RT @CamEdwards: How many celebrities will remain silent about this while they continue to attack the @NRA and law-abiding gun owners? https…
  • Anghela 😍
    RT @Coach: Who wore it best? #RexyTheCoachDino cc @peoplestyle
  • ❣️
    RT @DemzWorldWide: She keeps being one of the most charitable celebrities year after year.
  • BobfromJersey
    EWWWW. Half of them aren't even #celebrities anymore ! #GoAway
  • zoë from the block
    RT @bestoframimalek: Dior Homme Winter 2017/2018 Show - Celebrities
  • ❁Rei Ayanami❁
    RT @bestoframimalek: Dior Homme Winter 2017/2018 Show - Celebrities
  • Vic
    RT @rose_second: MT @Angelemichelle: ISN'T IT TIME WE RECOGNIZED OUR TRUE CELEBRITIES? #HonorThem #SupportOurTroops
  • Scott Burnette
    RT @pwtn2017: Hollywood, celebrities depend on box office sales to support the industry. If you don't give them your money, they will soon…
  • j u l i e
    RT @IetarianaIive: But all these other celebrities can go & not have any problems? People are going to support their country, not get a pic…