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Comedian & Actor Chris Rock’s House in New Jersey

The comedian, actor, screenwriter, television producer, film producer and director Chris Rock lives in this home in Alpine, NJ.

Comedy Central voted him as the 5th greatest stand-up comedian of all time.

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  • rare candy
    Ya'll spend hours pretending to be in the heads of celebrities and that's really what keeps these conversations going lol
  • Ruthless🇳🇬
    RT @francis_maxwell: @TomiLahren - 'Celebrities Are Out Of Touch With Reality' Also @TomiLahren - 'My Guest This Week Is A Grammy Nominated…
  • //
    RT @PrisonPlanet: The Academy Awards - another chance for multi-millionaire celebrities completely out of touch with reality to angrily vir…
  • Baby thug
    I'm all for loving celebrities & people you don't know. Yay cool. But it's WEIRD. when y'all spew HATE for people who you do not know at all
  • Robert
    @FoxNews How about doing a poll of regular Americans who give a damn what the celebrities say or think politically? #OverprivilegedJackasses
    ADULTS ONLY: Celebrities In Full Stupid Mode #madonna #trump #womens #march
  • DeepikaMyLife
    RT @DeepikaPFC: Deepika Padukone is at #2 on IMDb's Trending Celebrities list (India). (Tfs @BeyarKonst)
  • Kavya
    Made me realise that sometimes we forget that celebrities are also human beings who have feelings!
  • Kinder
    @ABC We love celebrities don't we.
  • Sangrebloom
    RT @francis_maxwell: @TomiLahren - 'Celebrities Are Out Of Touch With Reality' Also @TomiLahren - 'My Guest This Week Is A Grammy Nominated…
  • owen⚡️
    Imagine studying journalism for four years only to write pieces about celebrities gaining weight how sad
  • 3 stacks 🚤
    RT @OG_MINTT: I'm sick and tired of society comparing celebrities to God
  • Naomi
    @Regtervleuel13 @larkieranger That's Celebrities for you. They live in a bubble and should practice what they preach! #BoycottHolllywood
  • john wright
    RT @crampell: Willie Nelson, Whoopi Goldberg, other celebs launch pot brands
  • Monica Naranjo
    RT @calvialy: If y'all don't stop comparing My God to these overrated celebrities who did nothing to save me or this world