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Hollywood Tours of Celebrity Homes including Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis is a Hollywood film actor, producer, and musician. His career began in television in the 1980′s and has exploded since.

He is well known for the role of John McClane in the Die Hard series, which were mostly critical and uniformly financial successes. He has also appeared in over sixty films, including box office successes like Pulp Fiction, Sin City, 12 Monkeys, The Fifth Element, Armageddon, and The Sixth Sense.

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  • HI from g123golf
    RT @surfermom77: These Celebrities Who Promised To Move If Trump Was Elected Can Get On That "NOW" #BoycottOscars #OscarBash #TrumpWins4USA
  • John F Ceraso DMD
    Admiring the celebrities beautiful smiles #oscars #smile #dentist #dentallife
  • Jinx McGillicuddy
    RT @oldpicsarchive: Marilyn Monroe jogging in an alley in West Hollywood, 1951.
  • Shawn Pasternak
    @senatorshoshana IDEA: Fly-ins but for educating and lobbying Hollywood celebrities
  • Jehan Madhani
    "Haha we feed celebrities in exciting ways" is now an Oscars trope???
  • I ❤️Winning 🇺🇸
    RT @PattonDivision: 'Celebrities don't speak for us': Pro-Trump rally in Hollywood before Oscars #counterresistance
  • Joey
    RT @BarstoolBigCat: So the rich celebrities who have it all in life now get Candy falling from the ceiling?!?!
  • Schmec
    RT @andylevy: there are no other celebrities. there is only the rock
  • coraline
    RT @Jnano: Imagine being that young performing a solo for all of those celebrities I need a xanax just thinking about it my god #Oscars
  • Jeff Allen
    RT @MattWalshBlog: Reminder to celebrities at the Oscars tonight: literally nobody cares what you think about politics
  • Brendan
    RT @BarstoolBigCat: So the rich celebrities who have it all in life now get Candy falling from the ceiling?!?!
  • Mercy
    RT @voguemagazine: These were the best dressed celebrities on the #Oscars red carpet:
  • Sarah
    RT @Slate: OK, the "awards show hosts hands out food to celebrities" bit has run its course:
  • Nick Kerr
    RT @ForrestW: Reminder: The handing-out-food-to-celebrities awards show bit is way overdone.
  • Joe Petri
    RT @FightNowAmerica: Hollywood celebrities want to flood America with refugees. Why don't they invite a few of them into their homes? #Osc