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Citizens United And Americans For Prosperity Foundation Host Leading Conservatives For Freedom Summit

Donald Trump says Rosie O’Donnell’s ‘View’ return will ‘have a short term positive effect’

Donald Trump likes to weigh on anything he can and with the news of Rosie O’Donnell returning to ABC’s The View, he couldn’t wait to jump in and offer snarky […]


Scarlett Johansson features in sexiest women list

Los Angeles: Actress Scarlett Johansson, who recently said she hates being a sex symbol, has been voted as the second hottest actress in a poll by a magazine. The 29-year-old, […]


Kate Middleton takes to the decks and plays DJ for the day

Kate Middleton and Prince William take to the decks and attempt to spin a few tracks in Adelaide yesterday. Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge are doing all the […]


Monica Lewinsky Has Something to Say to Beyoncé and Hillary Clinton

“It’s time to burn the beret and bury the blue dress,” Monica Lewinsky writes in the June issue of Vanity Fair, available nationwide on May 13. While we thought that […]


Why Andy Garcia Refused to Change His Last Name

Andy Garcia knows Hollywood isn’t the same place it was 30 years ago. Garcia, 58, was honored with the National Association of Latino Independent Producers’ Lifetime Achievement Award this past […]

Designer Arianne Phillips who is behind Madonna's new shoe collection.

Madonna’s style guru becomes a sole mate

Arianne Phillips has been designing for the pop star for 15 years. Now she is helping her launch a shoe collection.


Madonna’s Teenage Daughter Already Regrets Her Teenage Fashion Choices

Most of us regret our youthful fashion choices at some point. (Butterfly hair clips. Foil-stamped pink bell bottoms. That whole goth period.) For most of us, that period of embarrassment […]



  • Donald J Trump
    @POTUS no A-List celebrities😂😂😂😂
  • Daiquiri Zachary
    RT @USATODAY: Beyonce, America Ferrera and Janelle Monae are just a few of the big names joining the Women's March on Washington. https://t…
  • Big Vinney
    RT @piersmorgan: I'm also opening a new clinic, Trump Tantrums Anonymous, for demented Donald-haters. No fee for celebrities because they…
  • Andrew Wilkow
    While we are on "privilege", which airport are all the female celebrities landing their private jets and where are…
  • ENDZ
    RT @Wordsmith: We look at celebrities as role models, but in my opinion the role models are the parents grinding each day to provide for th…
  • p
    RT @ananavarro: Trump inaugural address widely panned; crowds 1/3 of Obama's; no A-list celebrities; anarchists burning stuff. Other than t…
  • Aware
    Trump Won. Are Those liberal Celebrities Still Leaving? via @YouTube
  • TheBestWaterfront
    There's a reason so many celebrities flock to this vacation spot.
  • Swaminath Rajakumar
    For the first time in history, celebrities are shedding their celeb status and trying to protest amongst the common man! #Marinaprotest
  • Gyurász Zoltán
    RT @piersmorgan: I'm also opening a new clinic, Trump Tantrums Anonymous, for demented Donald-haters. No fee for celebrities because they…
    RT @surfermom77: When celebrities become irrelevant 2Hollywood industry &can no longer act on the stage, they start acting on the street wt…
  • Yigal Rechtman
    RT @HuffingtonPost: Jane Fonda says celebrities must still speak out against "predator-in-chief" Trump…
  • Suzanne Marks
    Jane Fonda: Celebrities Must Still Speak Out Against 'Predator-In-Chief' Trump
  • яιħąηηą ♡
    RT @THR: .@Rihanna on #InaugurationDay: "Worst breakup ever" | More celebrities take to Twitter following Trump's swearing-in
  • Karla
    RT @MTVteenwolf: hey @totallymorgan! don't you know you can't put celebrities in jail? let @shelleyhennig OUT! 😫