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Tom Cruise & David Beckham Have A Guys Night


  • Sarasota Joe
    @CNN Speeches from out of touch celebrities don't really pack much of a punch. Just show how clueless most of them are.
  • MJJForever
    RT @GentryKozia: I don't like or understand why celebrities only interact with celebrities on social media? When the purpose of social medi…
  • Princess Lia
    my TL has me deaddddd over this Remy shit and the celebrities are the messiest ones!!!!!! 😩😩😂😂
  • Novant Health
    More celebrities like @lawrenceatl will be our Novant HealthPavilion today! Come get your #RemarkableYou screening…
  • E
    If I had all that money that celebrities do, I wouldn't beef with a soul.
  • emma
    RT @DuckFanAccount: is it a requirement for D list celebrities to have Donald Trumps notifications on
  • Shelby
    RT @calvialy: If y'all don't stop comparing My God to these overrated celebrities who did nothing to save me or this world
  • Shanta Kyrie
    Being obsessed with celebrities in general tbh, I'll never understand it, they're not even worth worshiping the way you lot do
  • Hon Ekaale Epakan
    RT @Mandac5: Shit outfits or not, our Celebrities ( female) are hot af! True African Queens!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🙌🏻🙌🏻 #MMA16
  • Helen
    RT @NYDailyNews: Sex, Drugs, Violence & Celebrities: The Bronx strip club where pretty much anything goes — for the right price https://t.c…
  • that guy from Leeds
    RT @AllStarEmanuel_: Checkout My Art Porfolio on Behance: "People, Celebrities & illustrations"
  • XXX Celeb Scenes
    Blog Post: #mioumiou #mariaholvoenude
  • Political Polls
    @CNN Are you hoping to see celebrities make political statements at the 2017 Academy Awards? #AcademyAwards #Oscars
  • Anti-SJW
    RT @PrisonPlanet: The Academy Awards - another chance for multi-millionaire celebrities completely out of touch with reality to angrily vir…
  • martin ➬
    @taygogo Aren't you underestimating the masses that don't give a shit and rather tweet about bling, celebrities, and sports?