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Canned Tuna

Nina Dobrev Is Super Pretty (Lainey Gossip) Hot Gap On Hot Girls (The Chive) Leonardo DiCaprio’s Girlfriend Is Topless (The Superficial) Mariah Carey Minus the Photoshop (?) is Still Pretty […]


Eliza Doolittle Shows Some Sexy Midriff

When I first came across these pictures of Eliza Doolittle showing off her sexy stomach at some British store launch, I needed a quick refresher on why she’s famous, so […]


Ludivine Kadri Is Busting Out Again In A Bikini

This is the first I’m hearing of Ludivine Kadri, but I’m already a big fan. What can I say? Bikini pictures always make a great first impression. Anyway, according to […]



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    Three celebrities are getting sent to the chopper. Find out who gets terminated NOW on @NBC's #CelebApprentice!
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    RT @ABSCBN: Not only beautiful on the outside,Liza is also known for her sensibility as a celebrity, not tolerating bashing.
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    RT @kripalwaz8: 12 Celebrities Who Have A Twin And You Don't Know
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    51 powerful images of celebrities supporting the Women's March on Washington: Celebs at the Women's March
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    A little message from Kourtney Kardashians Penelope, Happy New Year to us all. #celebrity #celebrities #kardashian
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    RT @halsey: @akaMARTIAN @ByeAshy I'm paying this out of my pocket. What authority do you have to speak on celebrities and charitable donati…
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    RT @ForeverLawnDM: Des Moines Home + Garden show - starts Feb. 9th. @jcamerontv is scheduled to appear! Don't miss it!
  • celebrities who are passionate and use their fame for good causes!! thank u!!! for doing the right thing!!
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    Bet You Didn't Know These Celebrities Are Republicans
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    Rare Post-Mortem Photos Of Famous Celebrities Will Give You Chills
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    RT @Inside_Showbiz: POLL ALERT: @ElisseJoson in the list of young celebrities trying the 'selfierce' craze! Vote now:
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    RT @IetarianaIive: But all these other celebrities can go & not have any problems? People are going to support their country, not get a pic…
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    RT @JAS_frosty: I wonder if there's any data on how long it takes white celebrities to get a Hollywood star compared to POC celebrities.
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    7 Times Gisele Bndchen Was Tom Brady's Biggest Cheerleader This Season #celebrities