Cute or Ew: Justin Bieber Gets a “Champ for Charity” Award

This latest Justin Bieber news is really throwing me off. Jussy might be getting a “Menace of the Block” award from his neighbors, but he also just scored a more positive title at the Variety Young Hollywood Awards this week. J was awarded the “Champ of Charity” award…and he didn’t even keep the trophy. Instead, he gave it to a 10 year-old Make-a-Wish recipient!

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  • Stacks
    Celebrities aren't allowed to politically posture themselves. We just voted one into office. 😀👍🏻
  • Caitlyn Jarvis
    S/O to all the celebrities & bloggers who supported the #WomensMarch by tweeting about it/instagramming other people's pics #thisissarcasm
  • Hugh Britt
    Celebrities shouldn't be torching anything, what with the ozone layer and all.
  • Jinx
    RT @IetarianaIive: But all these other celebrities can go & not have any problems? People are going to support their country, not get a pic…
  • Scooter Annie
    RT @VoteTrumpPics: Remember how all these celebrities at #womensmarch swung the election for Crooked Hillary? Yea... me neither. 😂 @genesi
  • King Łiyah™
    RT @hwgatori: there's literally celebrities out MARCHING with the general public but she gets an article for a tweet??
  • Grom Storm
    RT @20committee: I'm learning from #WomansMarch that the Democrats' real problem in 2016 was not enough whiny, foul-mouthed over-privileged…
  • Daesjah 🦄
    RT @NativeMag: The female celebrities who showed their support at the #WomensMarch 👊🏻👊🏼👊🏽👊🏾👊🏿
  • nasty woman 🌹✨
    RT @IetarianaIive: But all these other celebrities can go & not have any problems? People are going to support their country, not get a pic…
  • Darla
    RT @Smooheed: Everyone's posting pics of celebrities who've followed them, and I'm all like 'how did I get my foot stuck down the back of m…
  • Christopher Banks
    RT @samkalidi: Remember that the people resenting celebrities for expressing their political opinions at the Women's March voted for a Real…
  • Kath
    If @realDonaldTrump wants to represent all Americans, he has to stop insulting celebrities & journalists. They're your constituents, too.
  • Broncos 9-7
    RT @AroundTheNFL: Atlanta celebrities take the field early for NFC Championship Game
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    Celebrities Turning 50 in the New Year -
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    RT @HuffingtonPost: Hope permeated #Sundance as celebrities joined thousands for the women's march