Pixie Lott Is Pretty In Pink

Even though I’ve still never heard a single one of Pixie Lott‘s songs, I’ve always been a big fan when it comes to the way she dresses. Case in point: here she is leaving a London bar and putting on one hell of a great leg show in some kind of weird pink jumpsuit. And it’s funny, because judging from these pictures, I’m pretty sure my heart is located in the exact same place as Pixie’s. See? I always knew we were made for each other.


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    @japanbanzai_02 @Germany_PzKwVB That's true, but some of Chinese celebrities have insulted him, such as Bi Fujian.
  • Ian Rum Burrell
    These celebrities are always photo bombing, as if they didn't have the camera on them enough.…
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    RT @SelenaGomz_1: Celebrities Who Had SEX Too Young And Don't Regret! She Did It When She Was 11!!
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    RT @SelenaGomz_1: Celebrities Who Had SEX Too Young And Don't Regret! She Did It When She Was 11!!
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    RT @Ck_Mohammed: All celebrities sitting at home and tweeting, I condemn this & that, main cause of problems will be you all provoking the…
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    RT @IetarianaIive: But all these other celebrities can go & not have any problems? People are going to support their country, not get a pic…
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    @evanrachelwood The president of the United States 🇺🇸 won't have to work too hard to shatter these sorry excuse for celebrities
  • Diva
    @odshek @Akshit999944444 and which celebrities who keep changing there answers every season no thanks such praise can go to hell